onsdag den 25. november 2009

New thinking by the harbour

As in many other cities around the world, the neighbourhoods close to the harbour areas in Copenhagen are known for a lot of new architecture. In Denmark that unfortunately means square, white buildings consisting of concrete and steel. This one is though not as bad - and the street lamp is amazing!

You'll find it near Nordhavn at Østerbro, Copenhagen.

søndag den 25. oktober 2009

Østerbro by night

Pink beauty salon at my hood, Østerbro. Just one of the things you'll find when walking the streets of Copenhagen an early Saturday night in October.

onsdag den 2. september 2009


A thing I really love about Copenhagen is its inhabitants. Whenever something happens, they're on it! Right now there's a lot of discussion about some refugees that the government will send back to Iraq. To avoid this a group arranged a supportive concert for the refugees. A LOT of people showed up! I think that is great.

søndag den 28. juni 2009


A great thing about Denmark and the rest of the North is the bright nights. We've just celebrated "Sankt Hans" which is one of the brightest nights of the year. It feels like the sun never sets this summer, but yesterday it sure did...

mandag den 15. juni 2009

Another walk

Copenhagen, as many other cities, has a lot of extraordinary street art. This one says "Call me. I'm really drawn to you x 100. Kisses, U."

This is sort of a hidden street which reveals that Copenhagen still has a lot of old buildings.

mandag den 2. marts 2009

Ingolfs Kaffebar

One of my favourite things to do in Copenhagen is walk. And when you've just walked through almost the whole city, what you need is a cup of coffee and something sweet. Last weekend I walked from Nørrebro to Amager with my mom and her husband. We had our break at the cafe "Ingolfs Kaffebar" at Amager. The cafe is inspired by Cuba which fits me very well, because I fell in love with the island, when visiting it for three weeks a couple of years ago.

tirsdag den 24. februar 2009


In Denmark there's a drastic chance in the seasons. Especially when spring is coming to take over from winter. Suddenly the flowers come back, the snow is melting and the sun shines till past five. As much as I hate the very long winter, I love it for making me value the spring even more. These pictures is from a park nearby called Østre Anlæg.

torsdag den 19. februar 2009


Hi. I'm Cecilie. This is my new blog about things and places I love in Copenhagen.

I'm a girl who loves to travel and I think that is one of the reasons that I often forget how beautiful and magic my own city is. That is why I made this blog. I'm Danish, but this blog is in English, because I'm (probably) going to study English in the fall. I'm sorry for my crappy English, but I'm sure it will be better any time :)

This first post is about the winter in Denmark which mostly everybody hates. Still sometimes we get a lot of snow and then the city reveals how amazing it can actually look even though it's February. These pictures I took on my way home from work Monday.

Usually Danes loves bikes, but with all this snow it's nearly the most dangerous way to get to work.

A lion standing outside the museum "Glyptoteket" next to Tivoli.

This is Langebro which leads from the center of the city to Islands Brygge. The buildings and lights you can see by the water is Islands Brygge.