torsdag den 19. februar 2009


Hi. I'm Cecilie. This is my new blog about things and places I love in Copenhagen.

I'm a girl who loves to travel and I think that is one of the reasons that I often forget how beautiful and magic my own city is. That is why I made this blog. I'm Danish, but this blog is in English, because I'm (probably) going to study English in the fall. I'm sorry for my crappy English, but I'm sure it will be better any time :)

This first post is about the winter in Denmark which mostly everybody hates. Still sometimes we get a lot of snow and then the city reveals how amazing it can actually look even though it's February. These pictures I took on my way home from work Monday.

Usually Danes loves bikes, but with all this snow it's nearly the most dangerous way to get to work.

A lion standing outside the museum "Glyptoteket" next to Tivoli.

This is Langebro which leads from the center of the city to Islands Brygge. The buildings and lights you can see by the water is Islands Brygge.

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