torsdag den 31. marts 2011


Blågårdsgade at Nørrebro is one of my favourite places in Copenhagen. There are some really nice shops and cafés and generally a really good vibe.

Mayol is a cute little shop with girly things for your home. The café/bar next to Mayol, Props Coffee Shop is the place you go when you need a beer or a cup of coffee combined with a long talk with your best friend, a new friend or just the paper. All of the furniture is second hand, which gives a nice feeling to the place.

Harbo Bar is a rather new café at Blågårdsgade, but there are no problems getting customers when you've got good coffee, warm apple cider and nice bartenders.

Café N (as in Nørrebro) serves cheap, well-tasting vegetarian food - and it's a nice place too! It's a small place, but people are already starting to sit outside.

In the middle of Blågårdsgade you'll find Blågårdsplads. In winter there's iceskating, in summer football and flea markets.

torsdag den 17. marts 2011


I live very close to where Nørrebro meets Frederiksberg, but I spend more time at Nørrebro than at Frederiksberg. Maybe I need to change that and find my way around in a new part of Copenhagen, but this is a tribute post to Nørrebro!

A poisonous mushroom at Nørrebrogade in company of poisonous cigarettes.

A shop that sells old, pretty boxes, at Nørrebrogade.

Sankt Hans Torv, the heart of Nørrebro.

Pink pipe at Fælledvej.

This poster is everywhere at Nørrebro, but is made at Blågårdsgade.

fredag den 11. marts 2011

Goodbye winter

Melting ice in beautiful Copenhagen. Now we're just waiting for the spring to come.