torsdag den 31. marts 2011


Blågårdsgade at Nørrebro is one of my favourite places in Copenhagen. There are some really nice shops and cafés and generally a really good vibe.

Mayol is a cute little shop with girly things for your home. The café/bar next to Mayol, Props Coffee Shop is the place you go when you need a beer or a cup of coffee combined with a long talk with your best friend, a new friend or just the paper. All of the furniture is second hand, which gives a nice feeling to the place.

Harbo Bar is a rather new café at Blågårdsgade, but there are no problems getting customers when you've got good coffee, warm apple cider and nice bartenders.

Café N (as in Nørrebro) serves cheap, well-tasting vegetarian food - and it's a nice place too! It's a small place, but people are already starting to sit outside.

In the middle of Blågårdsgade you'll find Blågårdsplads. In winter there's iceskating, in summer football and flea markets.

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  1. Nice indlæg:)
    Skal vi ik snart slå vores blog sammen på en eller anden måde? Jeg vil gerne være fleksibel...